OBM India is the first firm to send workers from India to GERMANY
Since 2005, we are the leading firm about providing professional workers to Germany.
“We are bringing the international candidates and professional global companies together through our qualified workforce platform.” Based on our international recruitment experience over the years and through the meetings with both applicants and employers, we bring both sides together in order to fulfill their needs and expectations. “OBM India helps the applicants to get recruited with the help of international qualified workforce in accurate, fast and professional manner”
Our mission is to bring the qualified workforce and professional global companies together. For the candidates who are not EU citizens, we provide full support for visa procedure, bureaucracy, accommodation and adaptation processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to all your questions before
submitting your application.
You need to fill the form in our website. After filling the form, you need to provide required documents and have them translated in German.
OBM does not collect any fee for consultancy. Please do not pay any fee to individuals, institutions or organizations that receive applications using OBM name and wish to receive brokerage or consultancy fees. There is an official form at OBM center office that you need to fill with your own hand writing and original signature. For those who are unable to come to our office, BFBER AŞ. is authorized to send the form to you and responsible for delivering it to us for 350 euro shipping fee.
No, it is not sufficient. You also need to have a related work experience.
The gross salary is 2500-3000 euro. brutto
8 hours.
24 months.
You may benefit from the accommodation services provided by OBM.
As OBM, we help you to speed up the process, but the fees in this matter belong to you.
German translated documents are required for your documents to be valid in Germany and to be submitted to the relevant authorities. After obtaining all the required documents from the relevant institution, with the official signature and stamp, the documents needs to be translated in German by a sworn translator and needs to be notary certified. The translation fee belongs to you. If you wish to require a service on this matter you may have a meeting with our solution partner. (You may also have your documents translated through a sworn translation office of your choice, but the process of translating and transmitting documents to OBM will be solely yours. OBM does not accept any responsibility for any incorrect translation, document or lack of information.)
You need to know German at A1-A2-B1 level. During the visa process, you must document that you have received language training at A1, A2, B1 level or you need to express it in German in your interview. If there is a lack of grammar in German, there are solution partners in certain provinces in this regard and we may direct you to get detailed information. Or you may complete your language training through any language course however in this case all the expenses belong to you.